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Realization and design of interiors

Realization and design of interiors

We are happy to design and realize any type of interior. We also provide the realization of interiors of commercial buildings, such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Our high quality service always complies with agreed terms and conditions. We offer a proposal of possible solutions of your interior during a free initial consultation. Try out our service and find out yourself that we are the “no.1” regarding to interior realizations. We will gladly provide you with design of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, study or any other rooms.

 Design of interiors in your house or flat

We will provide you with modern interior solution of your house or flat. We suggest colorful variety of proposals for your interior. The realization of interiors itself carries out according to the predetermined schedule. We place emphasis on quick and high quality work. We always respect the wish, taste and the budget of the clients during the realization. We also cater for commercial projects.


  • Property survey
  • The proposal and possible solutions
  • Finding a mutual  understanding



  • Varieties of colourful designs and the layouts
  • Design and bespoke production or purchase of the furniture
  • Design and bespoke production or purchase of the accessories
  • Design, production and installation of curtains, hinges, blinds,  wallpapers, paintings, carpets and Japanese wall installation
  • Design and realization of the lighting
  • Design  of the home audio-video system in cooperation with a specialist
  • We absolutely respect the taste, wishes and the budget of the customer at all times
  • Professionalism and independence